Uptown Normal

Uptown Normal header

Uptown Normal is one of my favorite spots! I'm such a sucker for anything local so this area checks a lot of boxes for me.

The vibe Uptown varies by the time of year. If school is in session you'll find college students walking to and from class. During the summer, many of the student population leaves giving it a slightly sleepier vibe. UNLESS there is a concert or festival. Uptown is the spot to hang out listening to live music on the Roundabout. The Roundabout is the center of Uptown both from a transportation aspect to an entertainment perspective. 

Uptown Station is located off the roundabout. This building houses Town of Normal Staff but also the Amtrak station as well as a Connect Transit (our local bus system) transfer center. Taking the Amtrak to and from Chicago and St. Louis is super easy from here!

You'll also find the Constitution Trail intersects at the Roundabout allowing cyclists and runners easy access to all of Uptown's amenities as they pass through.

Some of my favorite Uptown spots:

  • The Rock-amazing gyros, hummus and Mediterranean food. The Falafel is my favorite!

  • Stave Wine Bar-Low Key stop to stop after work for a glass of great wine, a craft beer or some charcuterie. (During the summer they have outdoor seating!)